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About Homescapes and Gameplay video

IconHomescapes was developed by Playrix Games for Android and iOS platforms and was released worldwide on September 19. 2017.

If you have been playing Gardenscapes, Homescapes should not be too complicated for you. In this mobile game, you will have to align identical shapes together (blue squares, red butterflies, pink buttons, etc.). Naturally, depending on the number of objects aligned, you will generate boosters such as bombs or rockets to undo whole rows, or specific areas.

Each level you pass offers you a different goal: you can for example have a number of yellow lamps to release, grass to grow or even get a number of cherries. When you have successfully completed your level, you will gain coins and a star that will allow you to unlock new goals.

In reality, stars and golden coins will give you access to the various rooms of the parental mansion that you must restore before resale.

So, you have to help Austin, the famous butler, redecorate the home of his childhood. Naturally, you will need a lot of coins as you progress through the game, the levels become more and more complex.

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